Ingram Charities Grant Program

Requirements & Restrictions

All grant requests to the company, the family, or the foundations should use the Online or Offline application available here. Grantees must be tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and not private foundations as described in Section 509(a).

Grants are evaluated on a year-to-year basis and funding rarely extends over multiple years.

Ingram's primary funding priority is program-related expenses ; this includes ongoing program activities or specific projects that may only occur sporadically. Applications are also accepted for various expenses related to the operations and management of the nonprofit organization. These may include but are not limited to: strategic planning; marketing, financial management; and funding to facilitate administrative collaboration or mergers. However, generally, Ingram will not fund specific employment positions. Capital campaign gifts are typically made to organizations with which Ingram has an existing relationship. Applicants will be asked to demonstrate that they have an achievable fund-raising plan in place, that those plans include ongoing operations and maintenance of the new asset, and that the organization's governing board and/or membership has a high level of participation in the campaign. Although Ingram sporadically approves applications for special event funding, it is preferred that organizations submit a grant request for other funding as discussed previously.

Some items given consideration during the evaluation process are:

  • The issue being addressed
  • The number of constituents served
  • The expected outcomes
  • Historical results
  • The breadth and depth of support from other funding sources
  • Organizational Leadership: Management and Governing Board
  • Organizational Stability and Structure
  • Geographic Location
  • Constituent Base

   Ingram Charities does not support:
  • Individuals or their projects
  • Private foundations
  • Political activities
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Other grant making organizations
      In addition, funding is typically not
   granted for:
  • Projects, programs or organizations that serve a limited audience or a relatively small number of people
  • Most schools below the college level
  • Organizations whose principal impact is outside of Middle Tennessee
  • Specific recurring salaries or positions

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